2019 Feb 10, Epiphany 5

Sermon: quick outline

Already Friday, and the sermon notes and outline are not there, so this quick outline:

A. Awesome (and some incomplete) Images of God, seraphs, God’s robe’s hem fills the temple.

  1. Foil images: images of God that are NOT good enough
  2. Q from star trek all powerful but capricious and destructive
  3. The old man in the sky, dated and now that we can fly obviously incomplete.
  4. All-everything being without substance, but incarnate as well, 2000 years ago.
  5. Isaiah’s
  6. Peter’s

B. Seeing God in person is not something one can survive; but they do

  1. They all object, reasonably so!
  2. God is prepared: God addresses every lack
  3. and makes it possible for the people to follow.

C. What are our images, stories, ideas of God

  1. Are ours ‘big’ enough for God?
  2. Are they real enough for us?
  3. What difference do they make for us?
  4. What kind of life do they ‘hand on’ to others?

Regardless of our images, ideas, limits, smallness or largeness, God is to be feared (and loved). Otherwise our image of God is not ‘big’ enough.

God is to be expected, and welcomed, and trusted … daily.

And when we have seen God, or God’s work, and after God has provided a true fix for our shortcomings, then we are ready to answer God’s call: send me, and we are ready to leave our nets, boats, and all that we think is our life, in order that we can help Jesus save people … by handing on what has been given to us – with grace.

We all need saving, again and again. Someone to stand with us and support us through the valley of the shadow of death, through the temptations to be God ourselves, to the detriment of others.

But we need God.

We need God, to make us be able to survive seeing God.

We need God to equip us to live out the life that is given to us by Grace.